So ‘‘Green’’, so Intraterrestrial…

So ‘‘Green’’, so Intraterrestrial…
The odd life of Timothy Green

Is there any space for an “intraterrestrial” being in our lives? Timothy Green is the pure natural project. He is a unique child because his birth comes from the ground. Actually, he comes to life after his parents’ strong will to obtain a child despite the huge difficulties they meet to adopt one. So, Peter Hedges gives his strong metaphysical answer to the social and physical conditions that make couples abstain from their role in a family and as a result, they become excluded from the experience they could possibly live. 
But, how about the way the film develops itself? It is clear that Hedges has incorporated cultural, philosophical and social principles that approach the current and hot issue in relation to the family reality. Raising a child turns to be a basic matter from the standpoint that parents have to deal with diverse problems, mostly regarding stereotypes and the way parents should learn -but not just teach- their children how to build their own character without being exposed to fake patterns of life, where the origins of stereotypes have to be found. 
However, the film The odd life of Timothy Green released by Disney, looks like a mature proposal for families with children just two months before Christmas. Trying to depict how extraordinarily dramatic life is, the film seeks to commemorate the moment itself in terms of life evanescence and temporality parallelized to that of nature. In short, the point is clear. We have to look for the substance in everyday moment. There joy seems to be. In a conclusion, there are a lot of remarkable moments such as the similarity between leaves and tears, or even the inventiveness of Timothy regarding a new pencil made by leaves but finally the film lacks in giving the spectator a more cohesive and at the same time political message. Saying so, the film construction partially leads to a somehow romantic stagnation in which ideas and opinions shape the content but cannot make interesting art, that is, challenge the existing forms and structures. Sound effects could lead to such a venture. But for Disney, it is ok. Not all right but o.k. 

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