While the garden was running to weeds
They decided to have
Their first breakfast together
In that green air
The affinity they felt for each other
Was very quick
Instead of handshakes
They changed milkshakes
And their talking was running to the garden

It was a pleasure watching them
From his moody room
With his fingers entwined
As if he was not alone any more
It was then he slightly realized
How damn used to acting he was

Looking at the garden was interrupted by rain
He fiercely closed the spotty window
While rain spots were dripping into
The unfinished milkshakes on the wooden table

The couple was kissing under a burst of clouds
With hands in gloves entwined at the top
Like a yellow penthouse
Goodbye smelled anemones in the rain
The next day he decided to take on the duties
Of the garden
He announced his desire in front of us
Everyone in the hostel should do something
And he chose to keep an eye
On the weeds

It was a pleasant offer for all of us
Some need to be
Observers in life
I couldn’t deprive him of his right to be

He was made for gardening.

*first published here: http://lego4.blogspot.gr/search?updated-max=2008-10-17T20:21:00%2B03:00&max-results=7

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