Hasta la Vista: Carpe diem, mi amor!

Geoffrey Enthoven’s ‘‘Hasta la Vista’’ film sends us the message: Carpe Diem. Life is hard but the moments we share are the important ones. Friendship makes people recognize themselves. So, Philip -Robrecht Vanden Thoren-, Lars- Gilles De Schrijver- and Josef-Tom Audenaert- are not just three young special-needs friends but three “lotus eaters” who want to pursue the dream of being independent with money abroad. After having spent a lot of years on a domestic life with parents, it’s time they discovered something different. It’s time they lost their virginity. So here the subject comes regarding this road movie about the importance of keeping the dreams alive notwithstanding any difficulties let alone different disabilities.

To pursue the dream of traveling- with the exact aim to visit a Spanish brothel- the three friends accept finally to be supported by Claude- Isabelle de Hertogh- who is in between a nurse and a driver for them. As soon as they realize her valuable role, their journey becomes pleasant. It is that moment Joe Dassin’s music comes to the fore. And the moments’ sharing present makes them see how this journey experience is an acquired taste. Claude performs a mother care role for all of them, whereas cityscapes change fast one after another. Dolce Vita is a fact. However, the story does not misinterpret the issue of life and death, even though the sea shootings have successfully created a balanced atmosphere of expectation in the film by setting the target destination from scratch. Sea is the destination but seems also to be the starting-point for the unknown. 

Consequently, it is vital that we become acquainted with the reality of special-needs men. This film illustrates some aspects of their life to make clear that they are people like all other people. Through a sense of humor, three characters are depicted in the modern era of techno vibes where mobiles are everywhere, parents’ fears continue to exist but, however, the majority of people somehow resist on disability. “Hasta La Vista” is an illustrated proof that even difficult life is life and therefore, instead of tilting at windmills, we should start spending our energy on relationships. No wonder why the film gained the audience award of EFA (European Film Academy) in 2012. Good, interesting, special.

In Greece, 4th of April, AmA films

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