The city looks quite empty
My first adult years slipped away
But I am waiting there
With a rose swimming in the hands

Who could relieve those feelings in the air?

This city is my face now
Full of hard dreams to bear their brunt
But it is possible for me to travel on
To breed images, points of a memory kit

To invest on the space images grow wild

The sea breeze goes on
But I am still standing with the rose
Unable to find any sense
In the rhythm of a grey life ahead of us

And the faded rose opens its velvet wings

The slippery sky after the rain is singing
It’s time to bounce back
I imagine because I embody my adult air
The city of names whispers my past years

The rose I had doesn’t exist anymore

All the scattered smell belongs to the city eye
To the truth without furniture
 It is something we carry when the skies dark
But we are all ears for the mystery

As we grow, we fade ourselves to keep up with the city

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