Sound city: listen to the myth, stay tuned to the people.

That’s an eye-catching feature documentary with music and interviews, faces and action about the iconic recording studio in Van Nuys of California named “Sound City”. The thing not to forget is: “yes, you can do it on your own, but you’ll be much happier if you do it with others”.  Dave Grohl directed 108 minutes of strong beat and catchy tunes for rock n’ roll and cinema lovers, 2 in one.

When Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana comes at the helm of the project to trace the history of the “famous Sound City”, -the iconic recording studio in Van Nuys of California- and direct a documentary of interviews and music pieces, the story starts with a great asset. Later on, while watching it, we realize why are addicted to rock n’ roll history. The reason why we love this kind of music is because it is the collective result of passion, strong will and talent that some people put together in order to make a thrill surpass their life and themselves. More specifically, Vinny Appice, -the rock drummer of Dio and Black Sabbath-, Joe Barresi, Brian Bell, Paul McCartney and Rick Springfield are some of those who appear on the big screen. In conclusion, the direction of Dave Grohl made mixed words work together, while offering rock appetizers in between. Moreover, it is clear that the outcome of the documentary leads to raise music awareness regarding how –on earth,-today, in the digital era, when we can simulate and manipulate everything, music can still remind us of something human. This is the point: how will we keep music to sound like people? Every word of those who shared a rock thrilling experience and “had no idea what they were doing” –whilst this could be their autobiography title-, is inspiring in a sense that you take life as it comes. Take action; take a step to meet others like you so as to be understandable and happy after all. 

19th Athens International Film Festival “Nychtes Premieras”

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